Welcome to your cyber school newspaper. Do you remember when you were a student at New Ross High School and your monthly paper was called The Bluester? I hope you enjoy your trip down memory lane as you look at pictures from the very beginning of NRHS to consolidation in 1971. If you have any additions, corrections, or suggestions, drop me a note or send me a picture and I'll post it on your blog. If you double click on the pictures, they will get bigger. Have fun.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Mace School

Mace Boys 1914-15

Mace boys 1923

Mace Boys 1923

Mace Boys 1922

Mace Girls 1922

NR Bball 1938-39

Back Row--Harold Williams, Bob Grimes, Coach March, Ed Wilson, George Feltner, Stan Harris
Front Row--John Barber, Lowell McMullen, Bob Routh, JIm Bratton, Bob Hardaway

NR Bball 1936-37

Back--Coach Dale Hankins, Lowell McMullen, Lyle Canine, Bob Groves, Raymon Stevenson, Ralph Miller, Jim Feltner, Bud Waltz, Bus Feltner, Gerald Irvin, Prin.
Seated--Hank Kelsey, Barney Bowman, Clyde Thomas, Ed Wilson, Stan Harris, Wal Hardaway, Floyd Beebee, Don Grimes, John Barber, Damon Crum.
Sitting in front--Bob Hardaway,Manfred Hendrix, _________Grimes

NR Bball 1935-36

Front--L-R--Leroy Nichols, Damon Crum, Lawrence Kelsey, Quentin Shockley, Elliott Hardaway, Donald Grimes. 
Back--L-R--Loyed Manning, Floyd Beebee, Coach Dale Hankins, Stanley Harris, Reid Keffer

NR 9th Grade 1935

Mace 5th Grade 1930

Mace 3rd Grade 1928

Mace 1st Grade 1926